Combining my knowledge of fine arts, illustration, and design with my instinct for creative thinking puts me in a unique position of finding joy in my work and providing interesting solutions. Sketching and gathering inspiration, establishing an organized operation, and staying curious are meaningful and important steps in my creative process. I'm a forever student, and through my experience working with different creatives and teams, I've learned that I enjoy leading and teaching others as well.

Growing up inspired by 90s cartoons, I became especially fascinated with drawing. This grew into studying more painting and illustration, and as I attended college, developed into a love for all types of mediums. Whether it's the typography on vintage tags or the icon on an old restaurant napkin, I appreciate visual solutions from all sorts of places and I carry this through to my design practice.

Outside of working, I’m usually still carrying a sketchbook with me to the park or on my next vacation. I can get through most tasks as long as I'm listening to some sort of comedy podcast. I love understanding people and how they think, so yes, please tell me your weird dream or your funniest pet peeve! I’m always planning what to cook next and enjoy playing bartender at parties. If you love cats, or really animals in general, we’ve already established a great friendship.

Renée Helda smiling in a blue shirt while holding three large saucy meatballs at the fair.
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